Jay Costa’s Priorities

Advocating in Harrisburg on Important Issues Here at Home

Fostering good public schools

Every child born in Pennsylvania deserves access to a high quality, well funded public school – regardless of the zip code they are born in. The state needs to increase its investment in public education and make sure that the dollars are being allocated fairly. 

Gun violence prevention

The gun violence epidemic has taken so many lives in this community, and the state has common sense tools at its disposal that must be passed, including universal background checks that eliminate loopholes for straw purchases and gun shows, Red Flag Laws, and stronger requirements to report lost and stolen weapons.

Affordable housing

We all deserve a home that is safe and warm. Programs like Whole Home Repairs have allowed working class families to improve their houses, but more is needed to ensure that everyone can access housing. Affordable housing programs should be encouraged by robust state funding.

Accessible health care

The Affordable Care Act insured so many Americans for the first time and required coverage meet basic requirements at the federal level. Pennsylvania should have equally strong protections for access to insurance and to care. Medical bills should not come as a surprise and life saving care should not bankrupt your family.

Further, reproductive health care has been threatened by the US Supreme Court and the state needs champions to protect and expand access.

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